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offered by our expert members


When comes the time to choose a cemetery monument to honor the memory of lost ones, it is essential to offer quality products tailored to your specific requirements and reflecting the deceased’s personality and life. The monument can be personalized with pictures and lettering using reproduction techniques.


Engraving is a technique to reproduce images, memories, writings or sceneries of life on commemorative plaques, monuments or cremation urns. ADMQ’s specialists can sandblast texts or artworks or even engrave high precision work or photos using laser or impact etchers.


The columbarium is a place where the cremation urns are being hold. Columbariums can either be private or public. The public ones are managed by the cemetery, while the private ones can be erected on a family lot and can be personalized to the family’s choices. ADMQ’s members can guide you to identify your needs, following your preferences.


The restoration of cemetery monuments consists in bringing back the original splendor to all monuments that have been damage or that have suffered from the outdoor elements. Restoring requires a particular attention and a specialized expertise that our members are able to offer.


Our members are equipped with mobile workshops that can be displaced from one cemetery to another to perform inscriptions on-site. The state-of-art equipment helps the reproduction of all types and styles of fonts, no matter the origin of the monument.


A cremation urn can be manufactured with a very wide variety of material, such as granite or bronze. ADMQ’s members can assist you in making the right choice, following specification and regulation of the various cemeteries.


Founded in 1982, the Association des Détaillants de Monuments du Québec (ADMQ) brings together sales and manufacturing professionals that specialize in commemorative and cemetery monuments as well as in maintenance and restoration. There are established everywhere in Quebec.

The Association has giving itself the objective to promote not only the products of its members and the embellishment of our cemeteries, but also to observe high standards of ethics and respectful commercial practices.


ADMQ’s members are at your service to create high quality monuments or cemetery works, as well as to install or restore monuments. When dealing with one of our members, you can be sure to receive quality products, manufactured and sold by reliable professionals, regardless of your origins, faiths or preferences.